Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Little Robertson's Nursery is finished-ish!

Morning Y'all! Well, the nursery is basically finished.  I mean there's always more that could be done, especially when one is posting pictures on a blog for millions 12 people to see.  I pretty much worked with everything I already had from Edward's nursery (including the ill-fitting ottoman slipcover - don't judge, it does it's job).  Although this nursery is very different from Edward's bright and colorful nursery.  This one's a bit more grown-up and soft.  It helps that we inherited some pretty fabulous wallpaper from the previous owners.  I can take no credit for that, except that I kept it.

So with all of those caveats (I'm resisting the urge to point out everything wrong with the room), I give you Little Robertson's nursery. 

Come on in!

The pillows on the floor are for floor time.  Something I didn't realize was a thing until after I had Edward.  Basically, when you have a baby, you spend a lot of time on the floor.  A lot.

I opted for no bumper this time around because apparently it's dangerous so I put dangerous pillows in there instead.  

Yes, we have a name.  Any guesses? 

I love that you can see the black and white awnings out of the window.

His first cashmere suit.  I would like one just like it.

The dresser, side table and changing table are all Kip's old furniture that we painted for Edward's nursery.  I also replaced the knobs with alphabet knobs from Hobby Lobby.

The kneeling boy picture was in Kip's nursery and his dad's!

Sweet dreams!

So there it is! Now we are waiting on Little Robertson to grace us with his presence! I definitely won't go past my due date.  Really it could be any day now.  I'm guessing I have a little more time, but you never know, babies be babies!

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