Thursday, July 25, 2013

Baby Things

Morning y'all! Last night I posted a sneak peek at the nursery on Instagram.  I just hung my DIY artwork and my not-so-DIY tissue tassel garland that I ordered from here on Etsy

It's almost finished! I'm just waiting on my crib sheet and a magical fairy to come hang all of the baby clothes that I washed and set on the rocking chair.  As soon as those two things happen (along with a little zhushing), I'll take some pics for y'all! Hopefully next week.  

I don't want to build it up too much though.  I kept it pretty simple, since we're not sure how this room will play out over the long term. (Will it be Little Robertson's Big Boy Room? Will it be another nursery? Who knows.  I'm certainly in no state of mind to make those decisions right now.)

Also can we talk about the Duke and Duchess for a second? 

a. How beautiful is Kate here?

b. William has never looked better either. 

I love how Kate rocked the post-pregnancy bump.  She looks amazing and could have easily hidden it, but she totally showed it off.  She did all of us pregnant ladies a favor.  I may or may not be packing some polka-dots for my Going Home Outfit.  But let's be honest, I'll probably end up leaving in my bathrobe. 

Speaking of Going Home Outfits, how sweet is this little wrap sack from Kristaben?

I can tell you, it is the softest jersey fabric you'll ever feel.  Edward had a little pair of Kristaben footie pajamas that I was kind of obsessed with. 

Finally, I need a baby monitor recommendation.  We had two Summer Infant monitors with Edward, both of which peaced-out on us.  One never worked in the dark and the other just went black.  Any recommendations would be great!

The countdown is on! Anytime in the next 3 weeks would be great.  I'm beyond ready!

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