Friday, August 2, 2013

Have A Lovely Weekend Y'all!

via Southern Accents

Helloo! It's been quite a week.  Kip has been out of town for work since Tuesday.  Edward and the dog are having serious baby anxiety issue so they are acting super crazy.  They know something is up.  Edward basically refused sleep and healthy food all week.  I mean, no naps and frequent tantrums over ice cream.  Now that Kip is coming home I plan on doing some serious resting.  I need some energy to, you know, have a baby.  Wouldn't that bedroom be a lovely place to rest? 

Enjoy these links over your weekend!

I've been pinning up a storm lately, especially for my sister-in-law's wedding

Love this quote 

I think want this diaper bag for fall 

I'm definitely guilty of one or two of these

Hmmm Little Robertson might need this white tiger

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